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The rarest vintage Rolex Daydate President Stella Dial 1803

Rolex Stella dial or colored Lacquered dial from our vintage watches in Dubai

- In the late1960s Rolex begin produce the Day-Date and datejust models with Oxblood color, later in the 1970s Rolex produced all other colors like :  
Green Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow..…. all in dark and light colors for the Ref 1803, 1804, 1807, with and without diamonds indexes but more rare are the Yellow, PurplePink , Turquoise, and the rarest were on white gold and platinum but the super rare are those special orders from Sultanate of Oman for Sultan Qaboos Bin Said with “Omani Khanjar” and very small quantity for UAE written “Mohamad Bin Zayed” in English and Arabic ( seen in 3 colors light blue, red and pink) later in the 1980s Rolex reproduced the same colors in smaller production but wasnt popular as well.
- From 1970 to 2009 The vintage rolex Day-Date Stella dials weren’t popular and most of the clients changed them to other modern colores blue, black, silver or champagne ..... but after 2009 people Men and Women start search for something colorful, special and collectible.… till now the prices increased over 15 to 30 times comparing with 2009 due to condition and rarity to be important Vintage collectible Timepieces for many clients and watch collectors.

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